Breaking Down New Lakes | MONSTERBASS Live w/ Ben Nowak

Breaking Down New Lakes | MONSTERBASS Live w/ Ben Nowak

In this week's episode which airs every Wednesday at 4pm pacific / 7pm eastern, Rick, Chris & Raphie bring Ben Nowak to the show to talk about how to break down a new body of water.  We've all been there. We have an opportunity to fish a new body of water, but where do we go, what do we look for and more importantly what baits are we throwing.  

Ben is now offering you the opportunity to connect with him 1-1 and he'll break down the body of water to give you a better shot of a successful day on the water.  There's a ton of information that you won't want to miss.  You can learn more about Ben's services here.

In this week's episode we break down lakes, spin the wheel of prizes & punishments.  We gave away 4-5 hoodies, gift card, we watched Fix take a pie to the face & Raphie jump in the ice cold pool.  All because you called in to our live on air hoteline to talk with us.  Tune in next week as we'll have a marine biologist as the guest who will talk about feeding patterns and why you just might be fishing wrong.

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