June Breakdown | Platinum Edition

June Breakdown | Platinum Edition

This month I selected baits that are perfect for this time of year.  The weather is sick and these baits are going to help you put bass on the bank or bait.  Here's a quick rundown on some of them.  Please keep in mind that your bag might be different because we regionally curate our bags to ensure that you only receive the best baits for the places you love to fish.  Get something that makes you scratch your head?  Call me on MONSTERBASS Live.  Ask me live why I picked that bait and how to fish it this time of year.  I'll give you my honest opinions.


Here’s a few of the baits we featured this month.  FYI if you’re a Platinum Subscriber, not only are you getting a reusable Bait Bag, but you’re getting 3 Limited Edition bait colors & 1 NEW bait that won’t be released until ICAST!  Not a Platinum member and want to?  Just email support@monsterbass.com & say “please upgrade me to Platinum.” They process your upgrade request and it’ll go into effect next month!

So give them a try and let me know what you think.


  1. The Snek Frog from American Snakehead Customs (Limited Edition Color) – This brand is making it’s 2nd appearance in our boxes and don’t let it’s namesake fool you. This frog is a top choice for lily pads, weedy and mucky areas. Yup, I said mucky! Its realistic design and buoyant body make it excellent for navigating over mats and eliciting explosive strikes from bass lurking in the waters below.

  2. The Poppa Chomp by B8Labs (Limited Edition Color) - This plopper's loud, disruptive surface action is perfect for early morning or late evening when bass are most active. Its ability to make a commotion on the surface sound the feeding bell for hungry bass looking for a quick meal.

  3. The Jumpin' Minnow by Rebel – Maybe your Grandfather’s favorite brand and no doubt a proven bass producing bait! Ideal for walking-the-dog techniques, this lure’s side-to-side action mimics wounded baitfish on the water’s surface, a proven trigger for topwater bass during this season.

  4. Poppy Mc Pop Face by 13 Fishing – Who doesn’t love a good popper this time of year? With its unique face design, the Poppy Mc Pop Face creates a significant splash and sound that can mimic struggling prey, perfect for clear waters where visual disturbances play a crucial role in attracting bigger bass.

  5. Airtail Shakey Stick by GrandeBass (Limited Edition Color) - While primarily a subsurface bait, in topwater season, it can be effectively used as a Chatterbait trailer or when the action slows down, and a more subtle approach is needed. Rigged weightless, it can provide a gentle surface twitch that entices wary fish.

  6. The 2.75" Ned Stick by Vicious Fishing (ICAST 2025 Product Release) - Though not a traditional topwater bait, it’s great for follow-up casts to bass that miss surface lures. Its subtle presentation can often convince hesitant or tired bass to strike after an initial topwater disruption.

  7. The Slim Wild by V&M - This bait had a shipping delay so we substituted another bait. These will be included in the July box. It's an 18 pack!?!

These baits offer you a comprehensive mix that are great for this time of year when you are targeting the aggressive feeding patterns of the swamp donkeys lurking in your favorite fishing hole.    So toss these baits and hook yourself a honey from the honey hole.

Try it for yourself & save $10 off your 1st box.  Use code: SAVE 10

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