MONSTERBASS Subscription Box 1 mo Gold Series
MONSTERBASS Subscription Box Gold Series

Gold: Bass

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  • 6+ baits - $40+ in value every month
  • 🔥 FREE Bait Friday ($350 annual value)
  • Exclusive access to 200+ instructional fishing videos

  • $5 gift card every month
  • Early access to sales & new product launches
  • Stickers, free samples & more...

    The #1 Rated Fishing Subscription Box

    The Best Baits.

    Every month you'll receive hand-picked baits specific to the area of the country where you live and fish, along with a 20 page guidebook, instructional videos and access to a community of anglers who want to help you catch more fish!

    You'll Catch More Fish. Guaranteed.

    Want to have more fun fishing? Then you've come to the right place! We've helped more people catch their new personal best than any other fishing community on the planet.

    It's called #MonsterbassMonday for a reason... becasue every Monday we celebrate everyone who caught their PB!


    Still have questions?

    No worries we are here to help you.

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    So what is MONSTERBASS?

    MONSTERBASS is the only fishing community with a PB guarantee! Stick with us for 1 year* and if you don't catch your new PB... we'll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

    How can we do this? We know bass fishing better than other subscription box company on the planet and that's why we created the MONSTERBASS community... to give you everything you need to have your best fishing season ever!

    Sign up today and tell us which part of the United States you live and fish in.  We'll immediately select the best bait for the area of the country where you fish, so that you can catch bigger bass, every time you hit the water. 

    At MONSTERBASS we have an entire team of experts who select the baits we send to you each month & to create killer instructional videos on each one. 

    Every bait or piece of terminal tackle that you'll receive is carefully selected and ready to use on the ponds, lakes & rivers you fish, and at the time of year that you receive it. 

    We're bass fisherman, and we know that the baits you'd throw in Florida right now, are not the same baits you'd throw in say New York.  And that's why we've assembled this team for you.

    Join MONSTERBASS today and catch your new PB tomorrow!

    Why is MONSTERBASS better than the competition?

    None of our competitors send you baits that are specific to the area of the country where you fish. They send everyone the same random baits, colors & patterns. We don't!

    We NEVER send overstock or discontinued baits!

    Never. We let the competition buy the overstock baits that no one wanted and let them send them to their customers. We send more exclusive colors and new baits than any other fishing subscription box on the market.

    When will my box ship?

    Sign up today and your box will ship within 2 business days.  Why 2 business days? Because if you make a mistake with your order, it gives us 2 days to fix it before it ships.  Once it leaves the warehouse, we'll send you a FedEx tracking number.

    Is it easy to cancel?

    It's simple. Login and cancel it yourself or just email Customer Support and we'll rcancel yopur subscription for you. We hate to see you go, but we make it easy to do