MONSTERBASS Topwater Black Mamba The Patriot
MONSTERBASS Topwater Baby Ragnar The Patriot
MONSTERBASS Topwater Bone The Patriot
MONSTERBASS Topwater The Baby Blues The Patriot
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MONSTERBASS Topwater The Patriot

The Patriot

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The Patriot is the original MONSTERBASS lure that fueled a revolution and the new 3.0 edition is finally here  The Patriot comes armed with two razor sharp Japanese Kitana hooks... the front in characteristic Monsterbass red and the back is a dressed feathered treble. 

Why the red hook? You are using nature’s instincts to your advantage by signifying a wounded victim. The Patriot is available in 6 ultra premium colors and great anywhere you’d use any walking bait. Throw it around the edges of weed beds, and walk it back-and-forth over shallow rocks. Fish it gently, though, because this bait’s design gives a side-to-side action all its own.

Learning to fish a topwater walking bait the right way can take a little bit of extra time and practice. You’re going to want to learn how to “walk-the-dog” which is basically a way of retrieving the lure that makes the bait move side to side, slashing one direction and then the other. After you cast out the Patriot, let it sit until the rings have dissipated. Many times you’ll get strikes before you even move the bait. Then, point your rod tip at the bait and with a small amount of slack in the line give your rod tip short “pops” downward. Repeat this action throughout the length of your retrieve.