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April Breakdown | Platinum Series

April Breakdown | Platinum Series

Posted by Rick Patri


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So what is Champions Club

The Champions Club by MONSTERBASS is the best fishing subscription box on the planet!

And our Partnership with Major League Fishing even makes it better! The MLF Edition comes loaded with the best tournament winning baits, along with tips & techniques from the top MLF Pros in the business.

It's everything you need to win your next tournament or catch your new PB!

At MONSTERBASS we have an entire team of experts who select the baits we send to you each month & to create killer instructional videos on each one. 

Why is MONSTERBASS better than the competition?

None of our competitors send you baits that are specific to the area of the country where you fish. They send everyone the same random baits, colors & patterns. We don't!

We NEVER send overstock or discontinued baits!

Never. We let the competition buy the overstock baits that no one wanted and let them send them to their customers. We send more exclusive colors and new baits than any other fishing subscription box on the market.

When will my box ship?

Sign up today and your box will ship within 2 business days.  Why 2 business days? Because if you make a mistake with your order, it gives us 2 days to fix it before it ships.  Once it leaves the warehouse, we'll send you a FedEx tracking number.

Is it easy to cancel?

It's simple. Login and cancel it yourself or just email Customer Support and we'll cancel your subscription for you. We hate to see you go, but we make it easy to do so.