Antero is derived from the Spanish word "first," as it was the first dam on the South Platte River near the river's origin. Antero Dam is an earth-fill dam built in 1909. Geologists believe the reservoir occupies the site of a former lakebed, probably no more than 300 years old. Green Lake lies submerged within Antero Reservoir.

It is owned by Denver Water and supplies drinking water to the greater Denver metro region. Due to drought, the reservoir was closed in 2002, reopened with the assistance of the Colorado Division of Wildlife in 2007 and re-stocked with trout and splake. The shallowness of this reservoir makes it relatively warm for the location and altitude. This makes for exceptionally large, fast growing fish.  Since it is not a state park, there are no fees for fishing. Fishing is year 'round, twenty four hours, permitting ice fishing in the winter.

Our bait recommendations

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