Bear Canyon Lake, located about 44 miles northeast of Payson, Arizona and 25 miles west of Heber-Overgaard in Mogollon Rim country, is one of Arizona's most scenic lakes. The spectacular scenic drive features several lookout points to enjoy the views from the edge of the Mogollon Rim. Bear Canyon Lake is quite remote and appears to have been rarely touched by civilization. The lake is a narrow, canyon-bound lake with a thick forest that extends right to its shoreline. It has two access points that requires parking and then a short hikes to the shore. The northern point leads to a parking lot with a restroom and then you have to hike about a quarter-mile down a steep hill to the lake. The southern point also has a parking lot and restroom but the quarter-mile hike is not quite as steep. Those that make the trek will be handsomely rewarded with tranquil beauty and a great fishing experience. The lake sits a 7,560 foot elevation which means cool, refreshing temperatures in the late spring, summer and early fall. Access is limited during the winter from November to late April due to snow.

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