The Carmans River is a 10-mile (16 km) long river in Brookhaven in Suffolk County on Long Island.

It is one of the four largest rivers on Long Island and is similar to other Long Island rivers in that is totally groundwater generated (e.g., no lakes). Almost all of the river is specifically protected by the Central Long Island Pine Barrens. All of it is designated by New York State as either a "Scenic River" or a "Recreational River."

The river, which was earlier once called the Connecticut River (in connection with early settlers from Connecticut) is named for Samuel Carman who married into milling families on the river in the 1800s and operated a hunting club for residents of New York City.

It is fresh water for the first eight miles (13 km) and then becomes an estuary for the last two.

Southhaven County Park encompasses upstream parts of the river and special regulations trout fishing can be accessed through them.

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