The Cascade River is a river in the U.S. state of Washington. It is a tributary of the Skagit River which it joins at the city of Marblemount.

The South Fork originates from South Cascade Lake and flows west briefly before turning north quickly and flowing in that direction until it converges with the Middle Fork to form the Cascade River Proper. About halfway between its source and its mouth the river flows through a gorge called Box Canyon.

The Middle Fork begins at the toe of the Middle Cascade Glacier. It flows briefly north, then west to join the South Fork, forming the Cascade River Proper. The river drops over Gemini Falls just above its mouth.

The North Fork originates at Cascade Pass, flows north briefly and then does a wide 180 degree turn until it reaches the Cascade River proper. It picks up several large glacier fed streams shortly below its source.

Beginning at the confluence of the South and Middle Forks, the Cascade River flows north before turning west just before the North Fork enters then turning northwest. At the mouth of Marble Creek, the river turns west again until its confluence with the Skagit.

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