Chatfield Reservoir and dam on the South Platte River south of Littleton, Colorado were built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers as a response to the disastrous flood of 1965. In addition to its primary purpose of flood control, it serves as one of many water supply reservoirs for the city of Denver, Colorado. Construction of the project was begun in 1967 and the dam was completed in 1975.

Due to reservoir popularity, fishing is best in the evenings and at night.  Try shallow-running minnow imitators such as Rapalas in 2-5 feet of water, along with nightcrawlers and minnows under bobbers.

The reservoir is surrounded by Chatfield State Park, a recreation area with boating, horseback riding and camping. A secondary inflow from the south is Plum Creek.  Ice fishing is permitted if weather conditions permit.

Our bait recommendations

Here's the baits that our Pros love for this lake.