The Conejos River is a tributary of the Rio Grande, approximately 60 mi (100 km) long, in south central Colorado in the United States. It drains a scenic area of the eastern San Juan Mountains west of the San Luis Valley.

It rises from snowmelt along the continental divide west of Conejos Peak in western Conejos County, approximately 15 mi (24 km) northeast of Pagosa Springs. It flows briefly northeast, through Platoro Reservoir, then southeast through the Rio Grande National Forest, then east along the New Mexico border through a scenic canyon. It enters the southwestern corner of the San Luis Valley from the west near Conejos and joins the Rio Grande from the west approximately 15 mi (24 km) southeast of Alamosa. It is impounded at Platoro Reservoir for flood control and to manage irrigation in the San Luis Valley, as part of the San Luis Valley Project of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

The river is wide and shallow along much of its course. It descends steeply in several areas, including at Pinnacle Canyon, a popular destination for whitewater rafting.

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