Dixon is the centerpiece of a regional park in the San Diego foothills at an elevation of 1,405 feet. The fishing is often excellent, with big largemouth bass, besides Mr. World Record, and channel catfish. Stocks of trout add to hopes during the cool winter months. For trout, the best spot is on the east side. You'll see the drop-offs.

No private boats are permitted on Dixon Lake (a downer), but a 5-mph speed limit for the rentals (electric motors only) keeps the small lake quiet. The water is clear and fishable most of the year. Rainbow trout and catfish are stocked here, as well as a sprinkling of brown trout and now some steelhead. Shoreline fishing can be good here.

Dixon Lake is home to a world record-sized bass called the Million Dollar Bass. When last caught in 2006, it weighed 25.1 pounds. It can be identified not only by its size but by a distinctive black spot on its head.

Our bait recommendations

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