The 1,730-acre lake built in 1971 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is the focal point for water-based recreation in Bald Eagle State Park. The Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir, named for World War II hero Foster Joseph Sayers and created by damming Bald Eagle Creek, holds black crappie, largemouth and smallmouth bass, yellow perch and other warm water species. The lake also attracts snapping turtles, osprey, great blue heron and the occasional bald eagle. Several streams flow into the lake, providing habitat for aquatic insects, crayfish, and fish. The lake is productive and provides for a good warm water fishery.

About 630 acres of the lake are available during the winter. Ice thickness is not monitored. For your safety, be sure the ice is at least four inches thick and carry safety equipment.

Our bait recommendations

Here's the baits that our Pros love for this lake.