Henrys Fork is a tributary river of the Snake River, approximately 110 mi (177 km) long, in southeastern Idaho in the United States. It is also referred to as the North Fork of the Snake River. Its drainage basin is 3,212 square miles, including its main tributary, the Teton River. Its mean annual discharge, as measured at river mile 9.2 by USGS gage 13056500 (Henrys Fork near Rexburg), is 2,096 cubic feet per second, with a maximum daily recorded flow of 79,000 cu ft/s, and a minimum of 183 cu ft/s.

The river rises out of Henrys Lake, west of Targhee Pass on the continental divide on the border with Montana. Its headwaters are within 10 mi (16 km) of the headwaters of the Missouri River (on the Red Rock River and Madison River), located across the continental divide in Montana. It drains the northeastern corner of the Snake River Plain along the continental divide.

Henrys Fork has long been noted for its superb fishing, especially its dry fly fishing.

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