A natural "kettle" depression formed by glacial action, Jamaica Pond is in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, and was first included in Boston's "Emerald Necklace" of parks in 1892.  Many people enjoy walking or running on the 1.5 mile path around the pond.  The pond once served as a reservoir for the City of Boston and the Town of West Roxbury, and supplied ice in the winter to Boston and beyond.  The bottom is predominantly sand overlain by muck. Emergent aquatic vegetation is scant, although submerged vegetation is common during the summer in shallow areas.  Stockings occur during spring and fall. 

Parking is available on the pond’s west side and during the summer, sailboats and rowboats can be rented at the Jamaica Pond Boat House, open every day from 9am - 6pm.  No private boats or ice fishing is permitted here.  There is also a Nature Center which hosts nature exhibits and other activities.

Our bait recommendations

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