Generally in the Florida Keys bonefish, permit, and tarpon are the favorite inshore species of fish.  Still jacks, Spanish mackerel, and barracuda are also found in abundant numbers.  Burly grouper and snappers are found in the reefs and dolphin fish, billfish, tuna, and Wahoo are found offshore.  The Florida Keys are surrounded by miles of shallow sand and grass flats.  In this area, bonefish root out crabs, shrimp, and small fish in water as much as 6 inches deep.  The flats are found on the Atlantic side of the islands.  In the gulf side are the backcountry areas.  These are uninhabited mangrove islands.  The Gulf of Mexico borders the western side of the keys.  When you leave the reefs the water drops as far as 1,500 ft deep.  In these waters dolphin fish swim just below the surface along floating Sargassum grass or driftwood.  Bill fish are also found here.   The large amounts of coral reefs protect the islands form storms and also provide homes for grouper and snapper.

Our bait recommendations

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