Lake Ellsworth is located on East Cache Creek, a tributary of the Red River, approximately 11 miles northeast of the City of Lawton, Oklahoma in Comanche County. Lake Ellsworth is a multipurpose waterbody with the designated beneficial uses of public and private water supply, warm water aquatic community, and primary body contact recreation.  Fishing and camping facilities are maintained by the City of Lawton, Oklahoma.  Swimming is permitted at the swimmer's own risk.

Recreational vehicles (e.g. motorcycles, dune buggies, A.T.V.s) may be operated at the Ellsworth R.V. track only.  Permits for R.V.s are required.  The Ellsworth R.V. track is closed September 1st through December 31st each year.

Our bait recommendations

Here's the baits that our Pros love for this lake.