Fishing Regulations

Most fishes are currently managed under statewide regulations. The one exception is a 16-inch minimum length and 5 fish daily bag limit on largemouth bass.

Angling Opportunities

Blue catfish, hybrid striped bass, and white crappie provide the most consistent fishing opportunities at Fort Phantom Hill. Largemouth bass can occasionally be good as well. Florida largemouth bass were introduced in 1976.






Largemouth Bass















White Bass/Striped/Hybrid Bass










Fishing Cover/Structure

When the reservoir is full, the west bank has acres of black willow trees and some aquatic vegetation. Other areas of the lake are predominantly rocky with boat docks and brush piles. At low water levels, habitat is limited to rocky areas on the east and north shores and boat docks. Several humps and ledges can also be productive.

Tips & Tactics

Fort Phantom Hill Lake is a good all-around fishing lake for several fish species. Better areas for hybrid striped bass, white bass, and blue catfish are in the spillway, sailboat slough, Johnson Park, and the west bank humps. "West Texas surf fishing" using surf rods in windblown areas with small shad or ghost minnows (silversides) is an extremely productive technique, especially in late winter and early spring. Forcrappie, March and April are the prime months. Many crappie are caught along the rocky shore on the east and north shores of the reservoir. Largemouth bass fishing can be good, especially in the summer and winter. Slow-rolling spinnerbaits along the steeper rocky areas of the east side during the winter is effective. As summer approaches, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits work very well, especially from sunrise till about noon.



Our bait recommendations

Here's the baits that our Pros love for this lake.