Lake Whatcom Reservoir is a lake located near Bellingham, Washington, United States, forming part of the city's eastern border, and is about 14 miles (23 km) long. Over 85,000 Whatcom County residents rely on Lake Whatcom for drinking water. Lake Whatcom is also a popular recreational site, used for boating, swimming, fishing, and other activities. Lake Whatcom empties into Bellingham Bay by way of Whatcom Creek.

The lake is divided into three basins. Basin 1, the Silver Beach Basin is the furthest north, and has a maximum depth of 100 feet (30 m). It is surrounded by housing through the entire basin, and includes the most popular of swimming areas in Bellingham, Bloedel-Donovan Park. Basin 2, the Geneva Basin is the central basin where the drinking water for the city of Bellingham is removed. This basin is the shallowest, with a maximum depth of just 40–60 feet (12–18 m). Basin 3 is the furthest southern basin, and is the most remote. At its greatest depth basin 3 is 328 feet (100 m) deep, and is estimated to contain 96% of the lake's total water volume. Large scale logging operations occur around this basin.

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