The Little Red River is a river in north-central Arkansas. The upper tributaries of the Little Red River are known as the South Fork, the Middle Fork, and the Devils Fork. The South Fork begins in the Ozark National Forest near Scotland in Van Buren County and flows into Greers Ferry Lake near Clinton. The Middle Fork begins only a few miles from the South Fork near Tilly in Van Buren County but flows northward into Searcy County. In Searcy County the river turns east and flows into Stone County where it turns south and flows to meet Greers Ferry Lake in Cleburne County. The Devils Fork begins in Northeastern Cleburne County, Arkansas, and flows southwest to meet Greers Ferry Lake near Ida, Arkansas. The three forks converge into the North section of Greers Ferry Lake, which is connected to the South section of the lake by the Narrows, the site of the former Little Red River. The Little Red River begins to flow again at the Army Corps of Engineers hydroelectric dam at Heber Springs.

The single channel runs from the Greers Ferry Lake Dam to its mouth at the White River near Georgetown, Arkansas. The area around the mouth of the river is within the Henry Gray/Hurricane Lake Wildlife Management Area south of Augusta in White County.

The water level of the lower sections varies greatly because of releases of cold water from the dam at Greers Ferry during power generation. These water releases can be challenging for boaters. The lower section has a varied geography with areas of gravelly rapids, boulder strewn areas, and slow, deep, pools.

The stretch just below the Greers Ferry Dam on the river is well-known for its excellent trout fishing. The US Fish and Wildlife Service maintains a trout hatchery just below the dam and releases large numbers of mature trout regularly. The Little Red River is the home of the 1992 world-record brown trout (40 pounds 4 ounces (18.3 kg)).

Because cold water flows from beneath the dam, trout thrive but many native warm-water fish are no longer plentiful.  However, attempts have been made to reintroduce sport fish, such as walleye and smallmouth bass, to the section of the Little Red River near Searcy, AR. 

Attractions in the area include the William Carl Garner/Corps of Engineers Visitor Center, hiking trails, marinas and nearby resort villages.  Trout seekers tend to do well using whole-kernel corn, night crawlers, cheese, sowbugs, woolly buggers and crank baits.

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