Morena Reservoir is at 3,200 feet, just south of Cleveland National Forest, only seven or eight miles from the California/Mexico border. Because of the altitude, everything gets going a little later in the season than at lakes at lower elevations and closer to San Diego. From April through July, Morena consistently produces bass-small ones, big ones, and medium ones. It's just plain a fish-catching place. The lake has a lot of brush-lined shore and plenty of rocks, and the bass hang amid these areas. Since Morena covers 1,500 surface acres when full and has 26 miles of shoreline, a boat with an electric motor will help you cover all the good spots in a single weekend. The back side of Goat Island used to be a prime spot on the lake, but due to low water levels, the back side has been dry, and there has been no Goat Island since the early 2000s.

Our bait recommendations

Here's the baits that our Pros love for this lake.