The Owens River is a river in southeastern California in the United States, approximately 120 miles (193.1 km) long. It drains into and through the Owens Valley, an arid basin between the eastern face of the Sierra Nevada and the western faces of the Inyo and White Mountains.

The Owens is a spring creek, which originates at a place called Big Springs but Below Crowley Lake is where The Gorge starts. The Owens River Gorge is the perfect destination for adventurous anglers and those seeking solitude. Because of the limited access here, the river is devoid of the crowds that throng some of the other popular destinations in the area. The river flows through a breathtaking canyon that can only be reached from a few small paved service roads running down to the water. Anglers can't drive on these roads. They can park at one of several parking areas above the canyon and walk down the road to the river. Along some stretches, the roads parallel the stream, providing good access along the banks. Other sections of the Gorge are only accessible by scrambling over boulders and debris along steep banks. The rule when fishing The Gorge is to be prepared, not just for fishing, but for surviving. Bring ample water (or a purification system) because it can get very hot down in the canyons. Wear sturdy boots and long pants for the hike in. Pay particular attention to the the EXTENSIVE GROWTH OF STINGING NETTLES in and around the water line of the river. BEWARE*** Rattle Snakes during the summer are very common and anglers need to exercise caution. Since the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power rewatered the Gorge a few years ago, a healthy population of brown trout has taken up residence. They range in size from 7 to 17 inches and put up a spectacular fight in tight quarters. There are no gear or catch restrictions in place here, but fly fishermen with lightweight tackle and a good supply of small attractor flies are the best equipped under the circumstances. Please check local rules and regulations before you fish as they can change frequently.

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