The Owyhee River below the dam is known for Trophy brown trout averaging 18”-21”. Weather permitting the Owyhee can be fished year round, and is located in a high desert canyon, so in the coldest months it may ice up. The best fishing is found during the spring (great skwala hatch) and summer; traditionally June, July and September have been our most productive months. The vast smorgasbords of insects provide the food source for the abundant fish population. Not only are there great numbers of fish, but also great numbers of large fish. The average size of the brown trout are 17-21 inches with a few monsters at 2 feet plus. While the brown trout dominate the food chain on the Owyhee, the rainbow trout population holds its own. Though not plentiful, the rainbows here are as fat as footballs and tough to land. Rainbows in the 18 inch plus range are not uncommon. These large trout can be as finicky as any spring creek fish. The Owyhee  River below the dam is limited to walk/wade, as the river is a small tail water fishery with good access. Wet wading is not realistic as the water coming out of the dam is very cold.

Our bait recommendations

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