This lake was constructed in 1936 for water supply and public recreation. The lake supports an excellent channel catfish and largemouth bass fishery, and has good crappie and bluegill angling. This is a Community Fisheries Assistance Program Lake and "No Special Permits" are required to fish here. Recreational and speed boating is not allowed. Boats are for fishing only.Access to the lake is provided with 1 single lane boat ramp, 2 parking lots, and 1/2 mile of hiking trails that surround the lake shoreline. There are 2 shelter houses also. This area is a favorite for kids and family fishing trips. The lake is involved in a fish feeding program and several floating fish feeders are visible to the angler. For catfish anglers these feeders are beacons of good fishing. Fish harvest regulations are also posted at each entrance to the lake.

Our bait recommendations

Here's the baits that our Pros love for this lake.