Five miles north of Unity on Highway 245 sits this large, high-desert, 1,000-acre irrigation reservoir fed by the Middle, South, and North forks of the Burnt River. The outlet at Highway 245 forms the Burnt River proper. Unity has an elevation of 3,800 feet, an average depth of 27 feet, and a maximum depth of 50 feet by the dam. There are 12.7 miles of shoreline accessible by foot or from a boat. Unity is a multiuse reservoir, and anglers will share its waters with recreational boaters, water-skiers, and waterfowl hunters (in the fall), and it is a popular ice-fishing spot in winter. The reservoir's drawdown occurs July-October, but good fishing can be had at this year-round fishery even in low-water conditions. All methods of fishing are permitted, including bait, and there are no special restriction on bag limits.

Unity is best fished in the early season beginning in April with higher water levels and cooler temperatures. Summer and fall also provide good fishing, but anglers will need to search the deeper water by the dam and from a boat to catch sizable trout. Rainbow trout thrive in Unity's cold waters and average 9-12 inches with larger fish near 16 inches. Warm-water species such as bass and crappie are present, but the persistent cold-water conditions keep their sizes small. Bass average 11-12 inches and perch are 6-7 inches. Trolling and bait fishing are by far the most popular and productive method of fishing. Bait such as worms or grubs suspended under a bobber should produce good results. Spinners such as Rooster Tails should be used in smaller sizes and trolled with various speeds and depths. Fly anglers will be challenged on this large body of water. For the best results, always start with good searching patterns such as a Woolly Bugger in white, pink, or black, or a small nymph stripped at various retrieves. Look for hatches of insects emerging during the day near the banks. Trout tend to forage in shallower water during the low-light conditions of morning and evening.

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