Once home to the renowned author, Henry David Thoreau, 58-acre Walden Pond is now part of the Massachusetts Forests and Parks system.  Walden Pond State Reservation includes 460 acres of protected open space so that visitors may come to experience the pond that inspired Thoreau, as well as hike, swim, fish, canoe & kayak and cross country ski.  A replica of Thoreau’s house and the location of his modest accommodations are available for viewing by the public.

Walden Pond is a kettle pond formed over 12,000 years ago when the last glacier to cover New England slowly melted away. As it did, large chunks of ice broke off and became surrounded and covered by vast amounts of sand and gravel carried by streams flowing from the glacier. Transparency is excellent, extending to at least 18 feet. Aquatic vegetation is negligible and confined to the few shallow cove areas. The shoreline is virtually undeveloped, and much of it falls within the Department of Environmental Management’s Walden Pond Reservation.  Access is provided by an excellent gravel ramp at a $5 charge maintained by the Division of Forests and Parks. It is located just off Route 128.  Electric motors only.

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