Located deep in the back country, the Wigwam River, is one of the most beautiful rivers in existance. This amazing river gives anglers a lesson in balance between nature and beauty. Crystal clear water flows over vibrantly colored rocks creating the perfect mountain setting. Untamed and natural the Wigwam is a magical place full of big boulders, log jams and deep pools. The hatches have been known to "go off", bringing willing cutthroat and cut-bows to the surface regardless of the weather conditions. As this is a walk and wade only stream, a guided day will find you hiking in wilderness on the hunt for your next catch. Migratory Bull Trout find their way into this well proteced river, which is a long feat for them considering the distance that they travel from their wintering home in Lake Kookanoosa. This river is gear restricted to fly fishing only with no weights or strike indicators. Strictly a catch and release river, spending a day on the Wigwam will be a day you will never forget. 

Our bait recommendations

Here's the baits that our Pros love for this lake.