The Yuba River is an important river in California and a major tributary of the Feather River, which is a tributary of the Sacramento River. The river begins as three separate forks, the north, south and middle, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The north fork begins at Yuba Pass and flows into the New Bullards Bar Reservoir, which is formed by New Bullards Bar Dam. The middle fork begins at Jackson Meadows Reservoir, which is formed by Jackson Meadows Dam, flows through Gold Canyon, and joins the north fork just downstream of the New Bullards Bar Dam. A tunnel is used to divert water from the middle fork to New Bullards Bar Reservoir. The south fork begins at Lake Spaulding, which is formed by Spaulding Dam, and joins the other forks at Englebright Reservoir, which is formed by Englebright Dam. The Yuba River meets the Feather River near Yuba City.

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