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MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Flatline Crankbait
MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Flatline Crankbait
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The Flatline is a high-performance flat-sided crank bait that was created to help you catch more fish when they’re sluggish or heavily pressured.

The crank bait's sleek profile & ribbed underbelly generates a tighter wobble and superior action that trophy bass cannot resist when its ripped through open water, deflected off structure, or worked through grassy areas.

The Flatline comes armed with Mustad treble hooks - with the signature red treble to indicate a wounded baitfish and to provide extra flash for a predator to key
in on.

When every cast counts, tournament anglers turn to MONSTERBASS.

Weight: 5/8 oz.

Dive Depth: 2'-4'