65 Piece Texas Rig Kit

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This amazing 65 piece bundle of product was created for fishermen who are not afraid to throw into where fish live. The Texas Rig Kit includes everything you need for Texas Riggin'.  And when you combine that with the 200+ instructional videos contained within our blog... you've got everything you need to master this technique.


  • 1 MONSTERBASS 3700 Box
  • 1 pack Grande Bass Airtail Wiggler Chartreuse Pepper
  • 1 pack Hale Craw Worm Watermelon Seed
  • 1 pack BioBait Stinko
  • 1 pack Z-Man Boar HogZ Bama Bug
  • 1 pack Strike King 4" Rodent Green Pumpkin Seed
  • 2 Tungsten Pro Pack - Texas Rig / Flipping
  • 2 packs Sabertooth EWG 3/0 Hooks
  • 2 packs Mustad Ultrapoint Ultra Lock Soft Plastic Hooks
  • 2 packs Stanley Pro Point Worm Hooks