We’re so confident that we’ll help you become a better angler that we back our Platinum Series subscription box with a PB Guarantee.  Stick with us for 1 year and you don’t catch your PB, we’ll give you your money back.

So what’s the fine print…

  • As a MONSTERBASS subscriber, you need to maintain an active, full-price Platinum Series subscription, for 12 consecutive months without interruption.

  • You need to have read through each guidebook and attempt to complete each of the monthly lessons.

  • You need to subscribe to our YouTube, Facebook & Instagram pages so we can notify you when we upload educational content.

  • You need to watch each month’s how-to videos and leave a comment within the first 30 days of it’s release so we know you’ve watched.

  • You need to upload a picture of 1 catch every 20 days to our Instagram page using the hashtag #mbpbguarantee  You actually need to get out there and go fishing… because you can’t catch your PB if your baits are just collecting dust, so the proof is in your pic.
  • IF by month 9 you have not landed a new PB, call the MONSTERBASS Live hotline, share your story and we’ll give you some tips to help guide you through the last 90 days of our guarantee.

  • If after all that you still have not landed a new PB, contact us at marketing@monsterbass.com 

Now go out there and be the best angler you can be.  Put our program to the test and go catch your new PB.