Ragnar - Topwater Spook

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Ragnar is a topwater walking bait like you've never seen before.  The evolution of the original MONSTERBASS Patriot is now complete and his big brother has arrived!   

Storming back to the scene with a new and improved body that is formulated from a special blend of plastic that is harder and more sonorous than used in most baits on the market, this topwater assassin is armed with 3 razor sharp Japanese BKK hooks and oversized eyes that are recessed into the body, so they will not get knocked off by reaction strikes or submerged structure. 

The finish and attention-to-detail are unlike anything you've seen before.  This bait flows effortlessly with natural movements that make it incredibly easy to walk, as well as a side-to-side action that is more subtle than bigger baits in this category.

Get ready for this to become your favorite topwater bait of all time.