Catch More Bass in Grass

Catch More Bass in Grass

Catch More Bass in Grass


Vegetation can be overwhelming and confusing. It is a love/hate relationship that tests anglers but will reward those that put in the time. Here are 3 considerations when fishing in or near grass. Find the healthiest, most productive grasses. Fish stay in and near grass for a few key reasons. Grass gives off oxygen, and also is home to many viable food sources.  The more “saturated” the color green, often the easier and more productive your fishing will be.

Stay light and move often. Don’t get bogged down by fishing all the grass meticulously. You are looking for “players” that are willing to chase a bait down. I like to use a moving bait and fan cast over the grass and into the grass as I cruise by. If you get hooked into a few fish on similar grass layouts, then you can begin to build out your game plan based on trends and patterns. You won’t find this to be nearly as easy if you stay and fish one flat or grass patch for too long.

Find the numbers, then plant it. If you develop a game plan and a pattern, then find the areas that provide a few bites and focus on those areas. I you find the bass only bite over certain grasses and structures, then cruise from these points to another and slow down and work them thoroughly. You may find an entire school of bass in one area. You can’t figure the patterns out without moving, but once you have them pegged, then work it with a fine toothed comb.

Hopefully this helped you brainstorm your next grass day, or even gave you some inspiration for the next time you are faced with a body of water with no distinguishable “hot spots” that may require you to poke around the jungle. If so, get out there and hook into a giant! Tight lines!


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  • Great tips. Keep them coming. I love the simple approach you take to providing them. Thank you.

    Mike |
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