Night Fishing for Bass

Night Fishing for Bass

Night Fishing Bass Angler

Fishing for bass after the sun goes down can be exciting and is a great chance to catch monster bass. Bass often feed at night and during certain times of the year, like the middle of the summer, nighttime is when they are most active, and the big ones always seem to come out after dark.

Fishing at night is similar to fishing during the day, but extra attention must be made to stay safe and adjust your lure selection.

Safety First

Night fishing does have some challenges. The obvious is the reduced vision. Luckily, many products make it easier to see after dark. A good headlamp is a must, and black lights are another tool that helps when night bass fishing.

Each state has different rules, but some have speed limits for boaters may have different life vest laws. Before heading out at night, make sure you know the laws. Also, take extra caution when moving anywhere around the water as nobody wants to take an unexpected swim in the dark.

Night Fishing Finder Safety


Night Fishing Safety Lights


Night Fishing Lures

Night Fishing Black Lure

Your standard bass lures will work just fine after dark, but the following are proven fish catchers for night fishing. Another key is to use black lures. While this may seem counterproductive with a lack of light, the dark silhouette produced by black baits against the night sky is a favorite for bass anglers because it works.

Another excellent strategy for night fishing is to target any docks that have lights that continually shine onto the water.   These lights attract baitfish at night and can be an outstanding hotspot once the lights have had a chance to build up a group of baitfish.

Consider it a real plus for any nighttime fishing lure that has a weedless or single hook design as that minimizes casting errors due to poor visibility and aids in landing and releasing fish in darkness.


Jigs work both day and night but are some of the best lures after dark. One tip is to add a bulkier trailer to add additional vibration and help the bass find it easier. You can fish them just like you do when the sun is shining, and the bites are night always seem to be more ferocious as the bass are hungry and on the prowl after dark.

Spinner Baits and Vibrating Jigs

Both of these produce vibration and allow the bass to hone in on your bait. Vibrating jigs, or ChatterBaits, generate tons of vibration on their own, but for spinnerbaits, select those with large Colorado blades as these will add some thump to your bait.

Big Soft Plastics

Jumbo worms and creature baits are some of the best lures to use after the sun goes down. Fish them on a Texas-rig and drag them slowly along the bottom for best results.


Topwater strikes are always fun; it is even more exciting when you hear them on a silent night fishing trip. Big walking topwaters, buzzbaits and frogs are great night fishing bass lures.

If you have never bass fished at night, it is a different experience, and although it may not be for everyone, it is one of the best chances to catch a monster bass, and you will often have the water all to yourself.

Night Fishing Big Bass

Tyler Brinks

Tyler Brinks is an avid bass angler from Spokane, WA. He works full-time in the fishing industry as a writer and social media marketer and fishes any chance he gets and everywhere he goes.

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