Top 5 Booyah Baits Lures

Top 5 Booyah Baits Lures

By Carrie Cates

Booyah Bait Co. has a reputation for making some of the best fishing lures on the market. There’s a lure for just about every situation and a healthy selection to cover the entire water column from top to bottom. These are my top five Booyah Baits for year-round bass fishing.

Booyah Prank

This little gem is Zell Rowland’s amalgamation of a topwater popper and a shallow-running squarebill crankbait.  It’s one of those multi-tool type lures that can be used in many situations.  You can work it as a popper and then switch in mid-retrieve to fish it as a crankbait to trigger a bass to strike.  It comes with a feather teaser on the back treble hook to add that extra bit of attraction for a finicky fish.  Some great colors to try are Bone Shiner, Chrome Black and X-Ray. 

Booyah Pad Crasher

One of the best and most popular hollow-bodied frogs amongst bass anglers, the Pad Crasher works its magic in weed beds and lilypad fields.  You can walk it, pop it, skip it, jump it, it does it all!  The rubber body is very durable and comes in many colors that bass cannot resist.  The hooks are solid, sharp and flush against the body to provide that weedless edge that only frogs can do.  It really is the all-terrain vehicle of bass lures.

Booyah Flex II

This squarebill crankbait is unique in design and concept.  Its foam-injected body contains a rattle chamber that is connected to the back of the bill, providing a distinctive sound and erratic hunting action.  The bill itself aids in this action as it includes two small divots redirecting the flow of water around the body of the lure. I recommend using Bluegill, Chartreuse Black and Threadfin Shad.  Those color fishing baits can be used in all water conditions and seasons. The Flex II really shines when used around wood and rock piles but can be used offshore in open water with lighter line to get it down further.  That erratic action will call largemouth bass up from the depths to smash it.

Booyah One Knocker

One of my all-time favorite lipless crankbaits, the Booyah One Knocker is a must during spring and fall fishing.  The One Knocker consists of a single tungsten rattle making a loud thumping sound when fished with a slow to moderate cadence.  There are many ways to fish a lipless crankbait.  This particular lure fishes best when using a stop and go retrieve, varying your retrieval speed to make the thumping tungsten sound erratic.  Bass rely on their lateral line to hunt prey like minnow and craw and this sound can be felt from long distances.

Booyah Hard Knocker

Like the One Knocker, this lipless buzzbait is such a versatile, easy to use lure.  It contains multiple ball bearings in two separate chambers making it a go-to for working it through the water column, stop and go or a steady retrieve with varying cadence.  Choosing colors is as simple as you want to make it.  My favorite colors are Rayburn Red, Chrome Black, Royalty, Toledo Gold (can you say walleye), Gold Shiner and Moonphase Shad.  I use these colors for both Hard Knockers and One Knockers.  

Some other honorable mentions worth checking out include the Booyah Boo Jig and Booyah Toadrunner.

Go try these great baits out if you haven’t.  Booyah Bait Company makes all sorts of lures for freshwater or saltwater from topwater, spinnerbaits, crankbaits and jigs.  There is something for everyone!  Good luck and tight lines!

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