Fishing Tips

best smoked ribs recipe  | sweet and sticky ribs

With Chef Tony

We partnered with Home Head Chef's Tony Ganoe to bring you amazing recipes that are great for campouts, cookouts and backyard BBQ's with the family. Show 'em you're a pit boss with this easy to follow Smoked Sweet and Sticky Asian Ribs recipe that will knock their socks off!

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Fishing a Popper for Bass

By Shaye Baker

A popper is one of the most fish-catchingest topwater baits of all time. By choosing between slight variations in color and size, a popper gives an angler the ability to mimic several different types of forage that bass feed on regularly throughout the spring, summer and fall. And though a popper’s namesake reveals its primary action, many of these little baits can be walked along the surface just as well as they can be popped.

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Fish to Win Cash and Prizes with MONSTERBASS

With Rick Patri

The MONSTERBASS Summer Fishing Series will be running tournaments every month and awarding over $25,000 worth of cash and prizes this summer! Register now and compete against greats like Alex Rudd, Fishin' with Gramps and more!

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Packing for Summer Bass Bank Fishing

With Paul Glass

Summer is one of the best times to hit the banks to target bass. The days are long, the nights are cool and there are tons of opportunities to break away for an hour (or the day) to hit the banks. There's no one-size-fits-all technique to packing that perfect bank fishing bag, but Burly Fishing's Paul Glass breaks down a few key factors to consider to keep things light, accessible and efficient.  

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Bass Fishing for Summer Bass with Toads

With Chad Hoover

A lot of bass anglers stick to using a buzzbait in the early morning, late afternoon or any other low light condition, but Chad Hoover recommends throwing a black buzzbait all day long. 

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