Castaic Lake is an artificial lake on Castaic Creek formed by Castaic Dam, in northwestern Los Angeles County, California, near the town of Castaic. The 320,000 acre·ft (390,000,000 m3) lake with a surface elevation of approximately 1,500 feet (460 m) above sea level is the terminus of the West Branch of the California Aqueduct, though some comes from the 154 square miles (400 km2) watershed above the dam. The aqueduct water comes from Pyramid Lake through a pipeline and is used to power Castaic Power Plant, on the northern end of the lake. In addition, the lake is the lower reservoir in a pumped-storage hydroelectric system. Water is pumped back up to Pyramid Lake at night, when electricity demand and cost is low. During the day, when prices and demand are high, the water is let back down. Water from the lake is distributed throughout the northern portion of the Greater Los Angeles Area. Some water is released into Castaic Lagoon below the dam, which drains into Castaic Creek. The creek flows south until it meets the Santa Clara River, a few miles west of Santa Clarita.

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