The Chattahoochee River runs from the Chattahoochee Spring in the Appalachian Mountains of northeastern Georgia, near the Carolinas, southwesterly to Atlanta and through its suburbs. It eventually turns due south to form the southern half of the Georgia/Alabama state line. Flowing through a series of reservoirs, it flows by Columbus, Georgia, the third-largest city in Georgia, and Ft. Benning of the U.S. Army. At Columbus, it crosses the Fall Line of the eastern United States. From Lake Oliver to Fort Benning, the Chattahoochee Riverwalk provides excellent vistas, cycling, rollerblading and walking along 15 miles of the river's most beautiful banks. Farther south it merges with the Flint River and other tributaries at Lake Seminole, near Bainbridge to form the Florida panhandle's Apalachicola River. Although it is the same river, this portion acquired a different name in Colonial times. It is the largest part of the ACF River Basin watershed.

The non-profit organization "Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper" oversees the northern half of the river.

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