April Breakdown | Platinum Series

April Breakdown | Platinum Series

For most of us, April marks the official kickoff of the fishing season! Maybe our favorite time of the year.

However, the conditions you'll encounter on the water can vary dramatically depending on your geographic location. In some parts of the country, anglers might themselves casting into clear, warm water, while others may still be contending with the tail end of winter's chill. This diverse range of conditions requires versatility in both technique and tackle, ensuring anglers are prepared to meet the unique challenges and opportunities presented by their local waters as the season unfolds.

Here are some of the baits we chose for you this month. Please note that the baits you receive may vary depending on where in the country that you live and fish...



NEW for 2024 The SquareBanger was designed for anglers looking to cover vast amounts of water in search of monster-sized bass in the 3-6’ section of the water column. The slightly larger profile and square bill is perfect for running through heavy cover & structure without worry. 

MONSTERBASS subscribers are also receiving this bait in 1 of 2 LIMITED EDITION colors!

MONSTERBASS Baits Square Banger

Unique to the SquareBanger is the bait's ribbed underbelly that generates vibrations that trophy bass cannot resist when its ripped through open water, deflected off structure, or worked through grassy areas.

Armed with two 4/0 razor-sharp Mustad hooks, the front being the MONSTERBASS signature red that indicates a wounded baitfish and provides extra flash for a predator to key in on. Everything about this square bill crank bait is intentionally premium & designed to help you put more bass in the boat.


  • Diving Depth: 3-6'
  • Length: 2.33"
  • Weight: 1/2 oz.

Livingston Lures: Livingston Lures is making it's long-awaited debut in a MONSTERBASS box.  These baits are proven tournament tested winning baits having helped Randy Howell win the Bassmaster Classic.  These baits are unique in that they all have EBS technology built in to every one of them. 

Depending on where in the country you live, you received one of these...

The Livingston Lures FlatMaster is the ultimate crankbait for tough bites. Its medium-tight wobble mimics natural baitfish movement without being too aggressive, making it perfect for catching skittish fish in cold water. With EBS Multi-Touch Sound Technology, it produces distressed baitfish sounds, schooling shad sounds, and crawfish sounds, increasing its effectiveness. It can also be used in silent mode for a stealthier approach.

Livingston Lures Crankbaits Citrus Sparkle FlatMaster

  • Designed for: Emulating a distressed baitfish and tight wobble, enhanced with Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS).
  • Best Used: In varied water conditions, especially in colder water or during pre-spawn when bass are attracted to subtle vibrations and sounds.


School Master
The School Master catches schooling fish with its darting and falling action, as well as EBS TechnologyTM, which draws fish towards you from twice the distance of traditional lures. This expertly designed bait can be fished like a jerkbait at any depth in the water column.

Livingston Lures Lipless Crankbait School Master

  • Designed for: Mimicking a small school of fish, ideal for targeting hungry predators. 
  • Best Used: In open water where fish are actively feeding on smaller baitfish.


Experience the ultimate in fish-catching technology with Livingston Lures Jerkmaster 121. Combining advanced sound technology and an erratic darting action, this premium jerkbait will attract even the most elusive fish. With a long, slender profile and an internal weight transfer system, this bait is perfect for casting long distances. And with Electronic Baitfish Sound technology, you’ll have an edge in pressured waters. Don’t miss your chance to reel in the big one with the Jerkmaster 121.


  • Designed for: Erratic, side-to-side action that mimics a wounded baitfish, triggering reaction strikes.
  • Best Used: In clear water where visual attractants can be a major factor in eliciting strikes.


Walk N Pop
Introducing the Livingston Walk N Pop 77 Tournament – a topwater popper expertly designed to entice big fish with its deeply concave mouth and EBS Technology. Its electrical circuit mimics a distressed baitfish for irresistible fish-calling attraction. With precise weight and balancing, this popper is perfect for tight casts and explosive blow-ups.


  • Designed for: Creating surface disturbances that mimic prey in distress.
  • Best Used: In conditions where fish are looking up for their prey, such as early morning or late evening in calmer waters.


Primetyme CB 1.5 

This bait.... OMG... the Primetyme CB 1.5, the ultimate bait for catching fish from double the distance. Featuring a thin, coffin bill for an erratic baitfish-like action and Livingston's EBS TechnologyTM, this lure dives 2-4 feet and brings in unsuspecting targets. Deadly and effective, perfect your fishing game with CB 1.5.

  • Designed for: Erratic action of a fleeing baitfish, enhanced with Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS).
  • Best Used: Shallow water. Particularly effective during pre-spawn to trigger aggressive feeding behavior.

Castaic Atlas Spinnerbait
The Castaic Atlas Spinnerbait 3/8oz is designed for maximum effectiveness in high-pressure, clear water situations. With a compact profile, heavy gauge wire frame, and extra light aluminum blades, this spinnerbait emits an attractive combination of flash and vibration. Its premium skirting ensures irresistible presentation that will entice even the most elusive fish.

  • Perfectly Weighted. Ideal weight for a variety of conditions, offering great castability and depth control.
  • Dual Blade Design. Combination of willow and Colorado blades, provide an excellent mix of flash and vibration.
  • Lifelike Skirt. Mimics the movement of real fish.
  • Durable Construction. Built to withstand the rigors of heavy fishing and aggressive strikes.

V&M Skipping Jig

  • Streamlined. Optimized for skipping under docks, trees, and other overhanging structure.
  • Durable Skirt. Lifelike action that holds up well against skipping and bass strikes.
  • Weed Guard. Strong, yet flexible weed guardfor snag-free presentations in heavy cover.
  • Versatile. Balanced design for skipping, also effective for flipping and pitching into tight spots.


X Zone Soft Plastics

  • Lifelike. Designed to mimic the natural movements of baitfish and other forage.
  • High-Quality. Durable, yet supple material that ensures a realistic feel.
  • Versatile. From creatures to worms and swimbaits, XZone offers a variety of designs to target bass in any situation, from shallow water to deep structure.
  • Vibrant. Wide range of colors and patterns designed to match the hatch in any water clarity or condition.


YUM Christie Critter

Designed by MLF pro Jason Christie, this creature bait is designed with a series of flailing and flapping appendages. This allows the bait to move a massive amount of water with just a slight movement of the rod. The round body allows the use of over sized heavy gauge flipping hooks as well as allowing a seamless connection between soft plastic and tungsten weight.

Product Specs

  • Size: 4.5”

Flippin’/pitchin’, T-rig, C-rig, shaky head, wobble head, jika rig, punch shot, etc. This little bait is designed to be the perfect pairing for about any finesse technique under to sun!

Recommended Gear

  • Reel:  7:1+
  • Rod:   7'- 8’ MH-H 
  • Line:   fluorocarbon 12-15lb or 50-65lb braid

The profile of this bait isn’t a new one to the fishing industry but Jason Christie saw an opportunity to make a better mouse trap. With a slighty bigger body allowing for the use of bigger hooks as well as YUMs signature scent formula Jason Christie was able to make a tried and true bait design a more efficient fish catching tool. 

Ideal for Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, or as a jig trailer. Great for flipping into cover and casting in open water.

Add to the mix some killer how-to videos, hooks, a sticker, discount cards and more and you've got yourself one heck of a box!  Want one for yourself? Click Here

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April Breakdown | Platinum Series

April Breakdown | Platinum Series

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