May Platinum | Bait Breakdown

I'm always on the lookout for the best baits that can help our subscribers land the big ones, especially as we transition into prime bass fishing season. This month’s MONSTERBASS box/bait is perfectly curated to enhance any angler's arsenal with lures designed specifically for attracting large bass.

  1. The Arm Lock Double Willow Spinnerbait from Mustad - This spinnerbait is a stellar choice for clear water where its double willow blades can produce a mesmerizing flash and vibration, mimicking the swift movements of small baitfish.

  2. The Twin Spin from Bagley Baits - Combining the allure of a crankbait with the flash of spinner blades, the Twin Spin is exceptional for its ability to grab the attention of bass in murky waters, making it a versatile addition to any tackle box.

  3. The Smithwick Suspending Rogue - Known for its jerkbait action, the Suspending Rogue is ideal for cooler waters where bass are slower and need a little extra temptation to strike. Its ability to hang motionless in the water can provoke strikes from the most lethargic fish.

  4. The MONSTERBASS Double Colorado Blade Burner - This spinnerbait works wonders in stained or dark waters, where its dual Colorado blades generate significant underwater disturbance, perfect for drawing aggressive strikes.
  5. Z-Man Hella CrawZ - Crafted to mimic a fleeing crawfish, this soft plastic bait is a must-have when fishing around structures. It's realistic texture and durability make it effective for jigging or as a trailer on larger rigs.

  6. V&M RC Craw - This lure offers a lifelike crawfish imitation that's ideal for tempting bass during their pre-spawn period. Its detailed design ensures it looks and feels real, prompting bass to hold on longer for better hook sets.

  7. GrandeBass Airtail Rattler - GrandeBass is unique for its air-filled tail chamber that emits subtle vibrations, this worm attracts bass through both its action and its disturbance in the water, making it a prime choice for finesse fishing.

I chose each one of these baits for their proven effectiveness and versatility,  and providing you with baits that excel during this peak season for bass. Whether targeting shallow cover or deeper waters, this selection from MONSTERBASS promises to enhance the fishing experience and increase your chances of catching trophy bass.

Try it for yourself & save $10 off your 1st box.  Use code: SAVE 10

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April Breakdown | Platinum Series

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