West of Fort Collins, Colorado in southern Larimer County, Horsetooth Reservoir is named after Horsetooth Mountain, both located in the foothills adjacent to the southern Rocky Mountains.  1,900 acres of open space offer fishing, boating, water sports, camping, picnicking, swimming (at the beach in South Bay only), scuba diving and rock climbing.  Constructed in 1949 as part of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, the reservoir is a supplementary source of municipal water for Fort Collins and other communities in the region, in addition to providing irrigation in the South Platte River valley.  Water levels may vary up to 60 feet, filling in winter, with the lowest water occurring in mid September.

Horsetooth Reservoir requires entrance and camping permits.  All watercraft including their motors, trailers, compartments, and any other associated equipment or containers may be inspected for exotic invasive species with the exception of personal small craft (e.g. hand-launched rafts, kayaks, belly boats, float tubes).  No fishing or other activities are permitted within 100 feet of dams.  

For safety reasons, cliff diving or jumping in the water is prohibited in all areas.   No ice fishing is permitted.  Try jigs, tube jigs, Rapalas, streamers and jerkbaits out here for good results. 

Our bait recommendations

Here's the baits that our Pros love for this lake.