Bang Stickz

By: Z-Man Fishing Products
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New for 2019, the Bang StickZ is a must-have when conditions call for a little bit of finesse! Designed for Neko rigging, its durable, buoyant ElaZtech construction makes for easy wacky rigging without the need for o-rings and allows the tentacled tail to float off the bottom at rest. Don't hesitate to try it on a shaky head, Texas rig, or Carolina rig as well! This bait ships in miscellaneous colors.

  • Size: 5.75”
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

Originally designed to be fished on a Neko rig this worm is an awesome tool for Carolina rigs and Texas rigs as well. This bait is the ultimate larger than average super finesse bait. When used on the Neko rig this bait really shines. The most common presentation for a neko rig is to very slowly drag it along the bottom around areas that you know fish are living.  Particularly effective around shallow cover such as rocks, gravel, grass, or isolated pieces of shallow wood where fish are living, this combination will trigger both numbers of fish, as well as big bass!

  • Reel: 6:3
  • Rod:  7’ M spinning rod
  • Line: 15lb braid with a 7-12lb fluorocarbon leader

Neko rigging has taken the fishing world by storm the past few years and for good reason! It is a great way to present bass with what is essentially a wacky rigged shaky head! The Bang Stickz is a design similar to the ultra-popular Z-Man Hula Stick, but with a bigger profile and more-defined tentacles.  The tentacles give this bait more action and when fishing this slowly along the bottom will trigger big bass to bite. Because this bait is made of ElaZtech plastic, it will hold up for countless fish catches - possibly even many trips - before you need to replace this bait.