ThunderHawk, Inc Baits Bone Grenade 2.75
ThunderHawk, Inc Baits Dove's Goby Grenade 2.75
ThunderHawk, Inc Baits Green Pumpkin Red Grenade 2.75
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Grenade 2.75"

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Created to mimic a large wounded baitfish, the Thunderhawk Grenade Bait offers an appetizing meal to hungry bass and gives anglers phenomenal versatility. Molded with an oval shaped profile and a fully ribbed body, the Grenade Bait produces a subtle swimming, but moves an incredible amount of water to generate a strong vibration that bass can feel in their lateral line. It’s also made from Thunderhawk’s Indestructible-plastic to give you unmatched durability.


Perfect for a wide variety of techniques, the Grenade Bait excels while utilized on a Free-rig, but it is also incredibly effective and can be used on Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, drop shots, and even as a jig trailer. Offered in a wide selection of colors and sizes to match the forage The Thunderhawk Grenade Bait is a versatile and effective tool that helps you attract bass and improve your chances of catching them. With a wide selection of sizes and colors, you can tailor your presentation to the current conditions and target species confidently.


The Thunderhawk Grenade Bait is designed to attract bass in any environment, with a realistic profile and fish-attracting vibration. It's also formulated with Indestructible-plastic for long-lasting performance. Make the most of your tackle box and find success with this powerful fishing tool.