January 2022 Unboxing | LUNKERHUNT

We're ringing in the new year with a LUNKERHUNT takeover of the Regional Pro Series fishing subscription box!  That means every bait in the January box is loaded with some of our favorite bass fishing lures from LUNKERHUNT! This will be one of our most popular boxes of the year and will sell out quickly.

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  • Didn’t get any spiders or special edition colors but seems like other people did

    Allen Machia |
  • I also didn’t get any frogs, spiders or any limited-edition colors! What I did get is two of the exact same lure. Hmmm making me question my subscription. I had some great hopes. As the man said-you live and you learn.

    Willy T |
  • Didn’t get any Frogs spiders or limited edition colors like he said in the video. Live and learn.

    christopher Grubius |
  • I would like to see about you 3 months prescription also with that three months restriction I would like to get to December box

    Tony Geiser |
  • I do not have a cell phone/smartphone … is there some other way to sign up ?

    Walt Miller |
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