June Unboxing | The Good Stuff

June Unboxing | The Good Stuff

Bass fishing addicts are always on the lookout for the best baits to use throughout the year and this month we’ve included some donkey snacks that are sure to help you land your new PB!

Here's a breakdown of why the baits we included this month are great for fishing this time of year...

Bruiser Baits - Banger 110 Jerkbait: During this time of year, many bass species are actively feeding on smaller baitfish. New for 2023, the Banger 110 Jerkbait mimics the erratic movements of injured baitfish, making it an excellent choice for enticing bass to strike.

Blitz Lures - Buzz Phrog: As the weather warms up, bass become more aggressive and willing to strike at surface baits. The Buzz Phrog combines the features of a buzzbait and a frog, creating a commotion on the water's surface that attracts bass looking for an easy meal. 

ARK Baits - TP70 Popper: Poppers are highly effective in warmer months when bass are actively feeding near the water's surface. The TP70 Popper's concave face creates a splashing and popping action that imitates the movement of a wounded baitfish, triggering aggressive strikes from bass.

Greenfish Tackle - Hammerhead Buzzbait: Buzzbaits are underrated lures during the spring and summer. The Hammerhead Buzzbait's unique head design produces a loud buzzing sound and creates a realistic wake, attracting bass in search of an easy meal.

A Band of Anglers - Dart Pro & Prop Pro: The Dart Pro and Prop Pro are versatile lures suitable for almost any fishing condition. They offer different retrieval options, including darting and propeller action, which are effective for enticing bass in different situations, such as when they are chasing baitfish or hiding in cover.

Razor Custom Tackle - Prop Knocker & Sonic Buzz: These baits are designed to create a significant amount of surface disturbance, simulating a fleeing baitfish or a wounded prey. They excel in early mornings or late evenings when bass are more likely to be near the surface actively feeding.

Strike King - Swinging Sugar Buzz: This bait combines the attributes of a buzzbait and a spinnerbait, providing anglers with a versatile lure option. The Swinging Sugar Buzz's swinging hook design and pulsating skirt create a realistic baitfish presentation, making it effective in attracting bass during this time of year.

LUNKERHUNT - Impact Turbine: The Impact Turbine is a hybrid bait that combines the features of a buzzbait and a propeller lure. Its unique design produces a buzzing sound and propeller action, drawing attention from bass and triggering aggressive strikes. 

Booyah - Squelcher Buzzbait: The Squelcher Buzzbait is known for its double propeller blades that churn the water's surface and create a significant amount of commotion. This bait is particularly effective when fishing in shallow, weedy areas where bass are actively feeding.

Big Bite Baits - Kamikaze Swimon Split Tail: New for 2023, the Kamikaze Swimon Split Tail is a versatile soft plastic bait that can be used with different techniques, including Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, or as a trailer on a jig. Its lifelike swimming action and split tail design make it an excellent choice for enticing bass during this time of year.

Vicious Fishing - Terror Toad: As the water temperature rises, frogs become a significant food source for bass. The Terror Toad is a brand new for 2023 bait that mimics a frog's appearance and movement, making it an excellent choice for targeting bass hiding in thick cover or near the water's edge.

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