3 Baits to Fish Shallow During the Post Spawn

3 Baits to Fish Shallow During the Post Spawn

With the excs across the country. And while many of the bass are starting to move offshore, there’s sthese areas that are not likely in a feeding state. This bait skips well and it is subtle and falls slowly, right in the fish’s face. Even if they don't want to bite it, they can hardly help themselves and often suck in the convenient meal that is set right before them. 

Wacky rigs are easiest to fish on spinning gear, but can be fished on a baitcaster as well. It’s important to use lighter line, at max 15 pound test fluorocarbon on a baitcaster. But typically a 15-pound test braided mainline to an 8- or 10- pound test fluoro leader on a k baits all work well, and green pumpkin is a great all-around color for this technique. 

Wacky Rig


Popper - 

A popper is perhaps the best post-spawn topwater for bass fishing. Prop baits, walking topwaters, frogs, toads, buzzbaits, wakebaits and Whopper Plopper style lures all work really well during the post spawn as well. But poppers are a little more versatile and better at drawing more strikes from big bass and small ones alike. 

Poppers are versatile because they can be used to mimic two of the main forages that are still shallow in this time period: shad and bluegill. By swapping between a bone or white popper and a bluegill-patterned bait, you can mimic both of these baitfish really well in a wide variety of situations. A small white popper is perfect when the bass are keying on a shad spflies, cicada and other insects often hatch near the water’s surface in these first couple months after the spawn. A popper mimics a small baitfish feeding on these insects, which draws a bass’s attention to the lure and creates a great opportunity for a bite. 

Topwater Popper


Swim jig -

A swim jig is another great lure to fish during the post spawn, because it too is very versatile. You can rig up a translucent swim jig to fish subsurface around a shad spawn in the morning, swap over to a green pumpkin or black and blue swimjig to fish through emergent and submergent vegetation throughout the day, or even skip a white swimjig under docks when the sun is high, to pick off bass that seeking shelter in the shade. 

Swim jigs can be fished right along the surface, or down to 10 feet and even deeper. It’s important to select a complimentary soft plastic trailer for your swimjig, based on the type of forage yoatches the hatch, and the thinner trailer will allow the bait to sink down lower in the water column. 

When trying to imitate a bluegill a foot below the surface however, you’re better off going with a green pumpkin craw-style trailer. The claws of the bait offer more resistance than the single paddle tail of the swimbait. This resistance causes the bait to ride higher in the water column, and again the different color selection matches the hatch well. 

Swim Jig

If you put some combination of these three baits on the deck and stay shallow on your local fishery, you’ll likely find success fishing near shore even after the spawn. And, if you’re fishing from shore, these are great baits to pick apart all that is within casting distance, making the .  We'll give you everything you need to catch your new PB the next time you hit the water.  join now

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  • I’m new to MB and generally a novice angler. This article, although informative, is incomplete to this novice. I have no idea what a popper, buzzbait, wakebait, wacky rig or Whopper Plopper is. The author assuming the reader “has a clue”. Why publish the piece if you are not going to educate the entire audience regardless of experience? Or at least point me to a reference source if there is one.

    Ken Gardonia |
  • Love Monster Bass! Every month is like Christmas opening up that box of baits. Can’t wait to get on the water and try them out!

    Dennis Parkinson |
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