3 Spring Bass Fishing Tips You’ve Forgotten

3 Spring Bass Fishing Tips You’ve Forgotten

3 Early Spring Bass Fishing Tips You’ve Forgotten

I know. You think you catch more fish than anyone early spring. I get it. Fishing can be fairly straightforward and easy early Spring depending on where you live, and the water you fish. However, here are 3 early spring bass fishing tips you may have forgotten, that may help you bag a giant this season!

Big baits for big bites! If a bass can fit it in its mouth, it will eat it! As fish stage for the spawn, they bulk up! Bass will take the opportunity to gorge on easy protein sources that you present to them if the bait looks easy to kill. Try big swimbaits that glide, or big jigs that you can fish at different paces. These fish need a few big meals, and you should set the table for them!

You need to MOVE! This time of year, bass congregate in specific areas and are NOT evenly distributed within the system. You need to move to find fish. This may be easier in a boat, but don’t let that deter you bank anglers at all! Luckily, a lot of the warm, shaded structure can be found along banks this time of year, and you can drive or walk up to some great locations holding monster bass!

Bass like it HOT, HOT, HOT! To find fishing that will “come to play” in early spring, you may find better luck in the warmest water you can. The cold waters of winter are a thing of the past, but some cooler water pockets remain. Find warm water, and you will find some giant bass this early in the spring. Check shallow and sunny flats or near zones that receive lots of sun. You may see a five or six pounder looking for a big meal!

Follow these three tips, and you could find a few additional fish this season! Every heavy hookset this spring season, is another chance at catching a monster bass! Tight lines!

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