3 Month Unboxing - MONSTERBASS & Lucky Tackle Box

3 Month Unboxing - MONSTERBASS & Lucky Tackle Box

I'm quarantined just like you and so I thought I'd do something that I've never done before... I'm going to do a side by side unboxing of the last 3 months of Lucky Tackle Box and the last 3 months of MONSTERBASS.

Full disclosure... I am the owner of MONSTERBASS and a Lucky Tackle Box subscriber that pays full price for my boxes.

Why am I doing this?
This will give perspective customers a really good idea what they can expect to receive when they sign up with either company and the type of brands that each company puts in their boxes. I hope this helps and would love to know which one you think is

Stay safe. We appreciate all of you. Rick

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Video Transcript:
Hey guys, it's Rick from MONSTERBASS and today I'm quarantined just like you guys. So I thought I'd create some content. I'm going to unbox three months worth of MONSTERBASS. I'm going to show you everything you would have gotten had you signed up for the last three months. I think the next three months are going to be better than the last three. But I want to help you make a more informed buying decision. I realize you have choices when it comes to subscription boxes. There's a few of them out there. We obviously think ours is the best, but I also want to show you what came in ours and help you out by showing you what came in one of our competitors. So I'm also going to unbox three months of Lucky Tackle Box. Now full disclosure, I am a paying customer of Lucky Tackle Box. I purchased these at full price and if you really want to see all this shipping and tracking, fun stuff, I'd be happy to show it to you. But that's not what you're here for.

Let me show you what came in the box. I got a crank bait from a brand called Cold Blooded Baits. I got a crank bait from a brand called Krave Baitz. I got a lipless from a company called Raw Outdoors. Jerk bait from a company called Hi-Liner Lures, a jerk bait from a company called Hydrotech. I got a LIVETARGET, hard body walking frog. I got a crank bait from company called Maxx Lure. I got a spinner bait from Dobbins. I got a mini deep diving crank bait from Skinny Bear. I got a bunch of hooks, weights, and stuff from a Mustad, a pair of pliers as well from Mustad. It looks like Lucky's making line, their own brand of Mono.

Now let's look at the soft plastics. I got a sample pack of mini sanko's from Great Lakes. I got a sample pack of a paddle tail swim baits from Great Lakes. I got some ribbon tail worms from Producto. I got a sample pack of sanko's from Gambler and a sample pack of drop shot hooks from V&M. These appear to be a brush hog style bait from Dockside Bait and Tackle. And finally, I'm not quite sure what this is. I think it's a scent. I'm not quite sure I've never heard of this brand. So it doesn't make it bad, just don't know what it is. So that's what you would've gotten for three months in your Lucky Tackle Box.

Okay, let's open up my box. Okay, so you're going to see a lot of Strike King in this box because, or in this, because we do a themed and regional boxes. So we partnered with Strike King in January to take over the box. They build it with Strike King so that's why you're going to see that. So here we go.

We got Strike King redeye shad. We got a KVD jerk bait. We've got a KVD sexy dog. Everybody's favorite, we got the thunder cricket. We've got a KVD square bill. Full pack of the rage minnows. Full pack of the rage craws. We've got hooks just like everybody else. We got Smithwick a jerk bait. Cotton Cordell a big go square bill. We got a BOOYAH spinner bait. We got a Heddon chug'n spook. We got a BOOYAH hard knocker lipless. Got a full pack of the Christie Craws. A full pack of the YUM Dingers. We've got a Lunkerhunt popper. We got, this is a hybrid crank bait jerk bait from a company called B8Lab. We you got some [inaudible 00:05:09] from a new company out of Pennsylvania called On the Spot. I got a full pack of Zoom finesse worms. I got some soft jerk baits from Bruiser Baits. And last but not least, I got a Z-man chatter bait.

So there you go. Three months worth of Mystery, of Lucky Tackle Box versus three months of MONSTERBASS. Curious to know which one you prefer. I want you to make more informed buying decisions so I wanted to show you ours versus theirs. I think the only comment I can make about what came in the boxes is pay attention to the brands.

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  • Hello yall—-
    Just joined and received my first of the 3 month pro box subscription.

    I previously belonged to LTB for all most 2 years.
    i just finished watching the 3 month unboxing comparison video. I agree the video shows LB being superior on the side by side comparison, especially the partnership NB has with strike king!!!

    However, after reviewing my first box I had zero strike king lures what so ever.
    I will agree the Bruiser baits are good and the bait labs jerk bait is descent but the other items are similar LTB and marginal for a pro box series!

    We will see what next month looks like and how superior it is to LTB

  • I just ordered my first box yesterday and Im wondering if I will get the april box or if I will have to wait until may? Thanks!

    Aaron Phillips |
  • I want to cancel didn’t like the box

    Jeremy Spears |
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