5 Fishing Knots Everyone Should Know

5 Fishing Knots Everyone Should Know

One of the most vital parts of fishing is your knot. It is what connects you to the fish, and without having a good connection, you are taking your chances and might not land that monster bass you hook. There are many different knots out there, but these five are fishing knots that everyone should know.

One of the essential things when tying knots is to practice over and over until you are sure you are tying them right. YouTube is an excellent source for learning these knots in a visual method, but here is an overview of the five knots and when to use them.



The Palomar is one of the easiest knots to tie once you know how to tie it. It works great for tying braid, fluorocarbon, and monofilament lines directly to lures.

In knot tests, the Palomar has proven to be a top contender because of its strength, and since it can be tied so quickly, it is a favorite of bass anglers everywhere.

Improved Clinch Knot

This is one of the first fishing knots that many anglers learn because of how simple it is to tie. It is best for monofilament and fluorocarbon as it tends to slip when using braided line because the material used for braid is often slick.

Loop Knot

While the loop knot has limited use, when you need it, there is nothing better. The most common use for the knot is for connecting to a topwater popper. It allows the bait to have more freedom to move side-to-side as compared to using other knots.

The loop knot also serves as a good knot for other floating lures like balsa jerkbaits.

Snell Knot

This is another limited use knot, but it is the pro’s choice for connecting straight shank hooks to braided line for fishing heavy cover. Techniques like flipping and punching matted vegetation and thick grass are perfect for the Snell Knot. 

When using this knot, the hook is free to rotate upwards on the hookset because of how the knot is tied along the shank — this aids in getting a solid hookset in thick cover.


Alberto Knot aka Modified Albright Knot

One of the trends in bass fishing now is to use a braided line with a fluorocarbon leader. This allows anglers to get the strength of braided line with the invisibility of fluorocarbon.

To fish this way, you must be able to connect the two lines, and the Modified Albright Knot is one of the strongest and easiest fishing knots to tie.

These five fishing knots will cover just about all situations you will find in bass fishing. The best advice is to learn all of them, practice, and then practice some more until they become second nature.

Tyler Brinks
Tyler Brinks is an avid bass angler from Spokane, WA. He works full-time in the fishing industry as a writer and social media marketer and fishes any chance he gets and everywhere he goes.

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