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The Texas rig is a long-standing favorite of bass anglers around the world. Dating back to when anglers first started to deploy artificial lures in search of little green fish, the Texas rig worked back then and it’s still catching fish today.  

 Fishing Bass with Bryce Sells on a Texas Rig

And MONSTERBASS Ambassador Bryce Sells (AKA @rockytop_fishing) is well aware of this. Located in the Tampa, Florida area, Sells uses a Texas rig almost every time he goes fishing, with a soft plastic craw on the hook.  

“You can’t go wrong with a good old original Texas rig craw,” said Bryce. 

The versatility of a Texas rigged craw is what makes it Bryce’s go to bait.  

“There are multiple ways to fish it. You can jig it on the bottom. You can swim it. Just toss it up on the bank and you're guaranteed a bite. It’s always been a bait that’s just caught me fish everywhere I go. It’s very diverse.” 

Fishing a Texas Rig for bass with Bryce Sells

Determining what to fish around and how to fish the Texas rig is always a case-by-case basis for Bryce, that comes together once he gets on the water.  

“I’m a pond hopper, so any grass pile I see I’m tossing right near that. Bass are usually under that just trying to get in shade. I like to see how the fish are biting, and if I can figure out how they’re biting, I just stick to it.” 

Located in Central Florida, the air temperatures rarely dip below 65 degrees where Bryce is fishing, even through the fall and winter. That’s when the Texas rig really shines for Bryce.  

“It’s a year-round bait, but it’s a go to in the fall. It’s just one of those baits that you can always use in my area that always lands a pretty good fish.” 

One of the somewhat divisive details of a Texas rig is whether or not to peg the weight. Some folks do, some folks don’t. For Bryce, it’s situational.  

“Usually depends on the pond. But if I’m fishing deeper water, I will peg the weight. If I’m fishing a shallow pond, I’ll just let it slip up and down.” 

The weight size and hook style also vary quite often among anglers. But for Bryce, it’s a pretty steady selection day in and day out.  

“I usually go with the 4/0 EWG with a 3/4 ounce weight.” 

Selecting the larger weight is a strategic move for this self-proclaimed “pond hopper.”

“Usually with ponds, there's a lot deeper towards the middle. I’ve got to cast out a little bit farther, cause that’s where the big fish are.” 

Fishing bass with Bryce Sells

The water is fairly murky where Bryce fishes, so he opts for braid which is masked well by the stained water and effective at slicing through the vegetation when fighting a fish.  

“I fish it on 30- pound braid, with my Abu Garcia Vendetta baitcasting rod. And the Lew’s Custom Inshore reel. It’s a good reel for saltwater and freshwater.” 

Bass fishing with a Texas Rig

Take it from Bryce, rig up a Texas rig craw and you will get bit. Select the line type and weight size based on where you’re fishing, leaning towards braid in thick vegetation or murky water, and fluorocarbon in the clear. Then just toss it up on the bank and get ready to get bit. 

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